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Mat Zo’s Ballin’ with New Tour Dates, New EP Plans

Matan Zohar, better known as “Mat Zo,” is somewhat of an anomaly in today’s industry; we may hear of artists who have formed in the darkest, dankest, and most remote places of the universe to bring us their dank music, but what occurs when you happen to be born to a traditionally musical family? The answer to our question is Mat Zo. Born in London to two very musical parents as well as fostering a love for the ins and outs of musical composition, Mat Zo somehow yet gracefully landed in the world of EDM, starting with the genre of drum + bass, and slowly working his way creatively through the genre.

For starters, aside from his collection of singles and EPs released throughout the years, he even dropped his sophomore album under his own label imprint, Mad Zoo, in March. September 8th will feature even more new music from Mat Zo this year as he gears up for his next “MAD” EP and tour. On September 8th, Mat Zo will not only be releasing an EP, but also embarking on a new tour to represent the EP and give us all a taste of his melodically sophisticated brand of music. Check out the tour dates below:

MAD Tour Dates & Locations:

9/2: Nocturnal Wonderland – San Bernardino, CA

9/16: Celebrities – Vancouver, BC

9/17: Euphoria – Portland, OR

9/23: Site 1A – Milwaukee, WI

9/24: Rev – Minneapolis, MI

9/28: Bijou – Boston, MA

10/1: Webster Hall – New York, NY

10/7: Elektricity – Pontiac, MI

10/13: District Shop – Winnipeg, MB

10/14: Marquee – Calgary, AB

11/10: Sutra – Costa Mesa, CA

11/11: Bassmnt – San Diego, CA

11/12: Create – Los Angeles, CA

Still not convinced? Check out the clip of “Revelation Crisis,” which takes various drum + bass elements and mixing it under the careful care of dubstep. Although he is attempting to tackle two genres in one track, Mat Zo seems to utilize his knowledge of composition to make the more tribal elements of drum + bass that might throw off listeners who are into things more melodic, but mold it with the elements of dubstep that give it the sophistication that surpasses any common generic housebeat. Revelation Crisis contains the classic essence of what makes a Mat Zo track, by making something that sounds natural, yet rejects any notion of pretension. Mat Zo’s MAD EP will be sure to feature at least some of the elements, and, even if it is a completely fresh product, he’s gonna bring you in for a surprise.

Aside from this track, be sure to stay on the lookout for Mat Zo’s “mad” new EP, and upcoming tour. 

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