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Netflix Releases Trailer for Original Movie Portraying Modern Day Music Festivals

Whether or not you have attended a multiple day music festival yet, you may have some sort of idea about what the event entails. Non-stop music, cherished experiences, and a ton of preparation goes into the production of these events. Now whether or not the new Netflix Original Movie ‘xoxo’ portrays these events in a manner that is similar to what actually goes on is up to you.

XOXO | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix Original Film

From the looks of the trailer, the attire of attendees and the jam-packed venue seem to be a great representation of these large-scale events. The story may seem a bit cliché, so viewers may or may not get the most common perception of how these events actually go down. In the movie, the main character gets booked on what another character deems ‘the largest rave in America” so it is up to the main character to play the perfect set.

Capturing the moments of modern day music festivals in a two hour movie cannot be the easiest thing to do. There is so much that goes on during the 3-4 day extravaganza. The only way to experience one is to actually attend. Comparing and contrasting the movie to the experiences you have had as a festival attendee may be similar or different. It’s safe to say that many are excited for the official premiere on August 26.

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