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Noisia’s First Album in Six Years Was Leaked!

We have all been waiting for this moment: Noisia’s first album in 6 years. Lucky for listeners, but unlucky for Noisia, Outer Edges has been leaked a couple weeks early. The initial release date was for their new album was September 16,.

They have been anticipating this release date and had a whole stage set up for the release date in September. That includes pre-orders, merchant, videos and singles. The trio received the unfortunate news about the leak before their first Outer Edges show.

Their marketing plan for the release was scrapped to ruins. Noisia expressed they felt extreme disappointment. In Noisia’s Original Statement, they expressed to all their dedicated fans that if they preordered their album, they will receive the album the same day it is released on Soundcloud. All vinyls, merchandise, and CDS will still be released Friday, September 16, the original release date.

In the end of their statement, they wished ill will to the hacker. They told him/her that “We hope you get stung by a lot of mosquitoes this summer, and maybe also next summer.” I think that a lot of Noisia fans wish that upon the hacker as well.

Noisia is handling the awful news with hopeful hearts. They adjusted their entire marketing immediately. Thankfully, the album was complete when it was leaked. Six years of work and it does pay off! Outer Edges is a beyond amazing. Their distinct bass heavy sound will make you die!

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