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RB Exclusive Interview: One on One with Helena Legend

Having been a seriously major player in the dance music scene since emerging a couple of years back, Helena Legend is a production/DJ double-threat that is showing no signs of slowing down. In amongst her high profile mainstage festival performances and hectic show schedule, she also finds time for her ever increasing fan base – and has just dropped suitably large new single “The Giant” as a free download. We grilled her on how she makes music and what else we can expect from her in this exclusive interview…

What is your current live set up?

I play off 4 Pioneer CDJ 2000’s and Pioneer DJM 800/900 mixer

How was the show at Talking Stick Resort on Saturday?

It was fun, so hot though! over 100 – these day parties in the desert can be killer, half the crowd was in the pool and I don’t blame them if I was in the crowd that’s where I would be too.

Have you played with Niko The Kid before?

No, that was my first time playing with Niko, but we know each other we were already friends, he’s super cool and extremely talented as a producer and a DJ. I loved his set he was dropping some dope house and deep house.

What can fans expect from your upcoming live shows?

I am working on designing a new visual show to go with my new EP which will be cool, alongside my energetic shows over 4 decks, I try and interact alot with the crowd and my mixing and music is fast and unpredictable, I do many edits also, I like to keep the crowd (and myself!) on their toes.

I have never played any particular genre I play off the energy of the tracks and if I’m feeling them.

I am looking forward to incorporating my new productions into my live shows.

Do you have any plans to tour / release further new music this year?

I am currently working on my first EP which is very exciting for me, this is the first time I feel I am really working on actual song based music and it’s very rewarding! I am putting alot of effort into this EP it’s a new direction for me, so i’m excited to see where this takes me after the release, I’ll be touring this EP the second half of the year, hopefully to lots of new places.

We think ‘The Giant’ is an amazing tune. When did you start working on it?

Thank you! I actually worked on this track last year, I wanted to release it at the end of last year but it didn’t fit in with my release schedule, as i’m tied up doing the EP I thought it was a good opportunity to get the Giant out before the EP drops, to keep the music flowing.

What has the reaction been to the new single ‘The Giant’?

It’s been great, really positive it’s a big track it sounds best on a loud system, I personally love dropping it at festivals.

What was the recording process like for the single?

A lot of time was spent on this track on the sound design and mix and master the actual writing of the track came together fairly quickly, the mix in particular was time consuming trying to get it sounding really clean.

You recently remixed Calvin Harris’ ‘This Is What You Came For’ , is there anyone else that you’re really keen to rework at the moment?

I am really keen to remix one of the Chainsmokers new singles hopefully I’ll get the opportunity, they are just killing it more than anyone I know, I know the guys are they are so humble and hardworking they really deserve their success.

What has been your craziest festival appearance this year?

I played at Storm festival in China this year, which was incredible! I am looking forward to being back there again another two times before the year is out including the one in Shanghai which is huge.

Where are you based right now? Do you find your surroundings inspire you?

I am based these days in Los Angeles I do find it inspiring as the sun is always shining, LA it’s easy to have an active healthy life here and there is a constant flow of artists / singers/ writers in town to link up and work with or collaborate with, which is amazing.

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