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Seven Lions and Illenium Team Up for New ID

Seven Lions and Illenium, both versatile and innovative talents, produce music unlike any other artists in the industry. They both provide heavy bass with a euphoric feel that really takes their tracks to a whole new level. Combine Seven Lions’ dubstep style and Illenium’s ability to move a crowd with up-and-comer Said the Sky and you’re sure to have a hit that not only makes you headbang, but tugs at the heart strings too. Nobody does this melodic dubstep sound quite like them.

Illenium x Seven Lions – ID @ Das Energi 2016

Illenium recently dropped the unreleased track at the end of his set during Das Energi in Salt Lake City. Of course fans have since gone crazy over the preview. The track, titled “ID” features a chilling unidentified vocalist and some heavy beats. Seven Lions has remixed Illenium’s track “Fortress”, but this is the first official collaboration between the two artists. There’s no word just yet on when the full version will be announced, but we’ll be waiting!

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