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Artist Spotlight: Check Into Hotel Garuda

The unstoppable duo is on the rise, sweeping through the charts; from Soundcloud to the main stage, Hotel Garuda is killing the game. Composed of two incredibly talented producers Manilla Killa and Candle Weather, the two long-time friends decided to collaborate their genius skills and deliver constant vibes. The two have collected a massive tribe of loyal fans over the past couple of years, and the number is growing by the day.

Their debut vibey dance-based single, “Smoke Signals” crushed the charts, and their creative interpretation of house music hooks an audience at first beat. Remixing everyone from Kaskade and Lana del Rey to SNBRN, the versatility in each track perfectly compliments different facets of the power duo. 

Taking the industry by storm, the deep house bassline mixed with enchanted melodies provide for an all-around successful bundle of bangers. Chances are Hotel Garuda’s success is far from over. 

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