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Artist Spotlight: Marshmello — Master of Keeping It Mello

That’s right, Mellogang! The one and only Marshmello will be returning to Arizona for his Tucson debut. This fan favorite will be throwing down at Tucson’s premiere festival N9NEFEST. Known for its popularity among Arizona Wildcats, this festival has grown to be a, larger than expected, rager for the college town. Held towards the end of September at The Slaughterhouse, this event provides an appropriate segue into the Halloween season by way of the venue’s chilling backdrops and vibes. This small, yet stunning, lineup is set too bring the spooky vibes with notable characters such as Slushii and Kayzo who definitely know how to put on a show.


Marshmello is the king of “keepin’ it mello” as his famous suggestive phrase goes, and he definitely knows how to egg a crowd on. His loveable and relatable nature are what has made him rise to almost instant super-stardom as he has found a way to expose his vulnerability and make it work for him. Mostly known for his relentless trap mixes, this artist actually has very little rules on the dancefloor. His live sets are eclectic, goofy, and charming while still throwing down some serious beats at the right moments. So without further ado, we welcome Marshmello to Tucson where we think he’ll fit right in. Need we say more? Come on out for a good time!

Tickets available here.

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