Relentless Beats

In Loving Memory of BIG MAKK

The electronic music scene has recently experienced a tragic loss since BIG MAKK’s untimely death was announced last week on August 29th. The talented producer and dj was involved in a car accident that claimed his life. However, family and friends of BIG MAKK have made it their goal to create a lasting memory of the teddy-bearesque artist that we all love and positively vibe with. As was expected prior to BIG MAKK’s death, THE MAKK TAPE, which Makk had finished lately, has been released as a commemoration of his vastly successful life. The tape features a variety of trapped out beats that are instant club bangers. The way that BIG MAKK combines simple ostinatos in many of his tracks to build catchy patterns is incredible and timeless. Although many of the progressions in his projects are simple and straight to the point, his experience as a musician is apparent in the fine details during his drops that make him stand out among other trap producers in the game. Stacked with classic tracks, this LP is the perfect way to bring closure to BIG MAKK fans around the world.

If you enjoy BIG MAKK’s last creations, make sure swoop a copy on itunes or share the free versions on spotify and soundcloud. All proceeds will go directly to the family of BIG MAKK. R.I.P. BIG MAKK; you will live in our hearts and the music forever.

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