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Just A Gent’s New Album is a Little Piece of Heaven

Just A Gent is a diamond in the rough to put it lightly. From the very start, the Australian mastermind has been releasing nothing but beautiful art to be shared between all music lovers. Limelight, released only a couple years ago, skyrocketed his talent and has since only gotten more incredible. Since almost a year since his last release, we finally have something new to obsess about.

Just A Gent has blessed us again with his new full album, ‘Stories To Tell,’ and it truly is everything we could wish for and much, much more. It’s hard to comprehend how one man produces such breathtaking work, but this album is pure gold. From ‘Intro’ to ‘The End,’ it truly takes us through a mesmerizing story in which Just A Gent narrates seamlessly.

Each song is crafted with intelligence and soul, with light synths and crushing future bass, leading into one another without a second of flaw.  Showcasing the work of very talented songwriters, songs like ‘Sounds of Her Mind’ and ‘Rolling Dice’ grabs us by our heart strings in a hold that we don’t be released from. Even the full instrumental songs carry themselves with intense power. 

This album is definitely one to live and breathe, regardless of the mood.

P.S. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen for when you ascend into heaven.

Stay on the look out for any upcoming releases from Just A Gent!

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