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No Way Back & Le Youth’s House Track Brings Us “Back2Life”

There are times in our lives when the dance floor is pulled out from under our feet and nothing in this world feels real anymore. Whether it’s visions of lost love or dreams we struggle to achieve, only music on full blast can vibrate the strings of sinew holding us together delivering a therapeutic dose of electric current to the heart. Finding that right song to revive us can be a challenge, but luckily No Way Back and Le Youth’s new song “Back2Life” jolts through the heart like the kick drum starting off your favorite track.

A soulful R&B melody sings “You bring me back to life” in deep male vocals that sweep up into an uplifting rhythm that gets your feet moving side to side like the best 90’s club anthem, dancing your cares away. Getting lost in the simplicity of this melodic house beat feels effortless, reflecting the connection both artists felt while producing this new song.

“This track felt extremely organic to us. Le Youth and I have a great relationship I feel it translates into the music. The goal was to create a house tune that we could both relate to from our own experiences in the past. Hopefully people can relate to it too!” – No Way Back

If it’s time for a little group therapy, get re-energized by this upbeat groove created with love from rising house star No Way Back and the always amazing Le Youth. And don’t miss your chance to bounce along and vibe with Le Youth at Mad Decent Block Party on September 17th at Rawhide Event Center in Chandler, AZ.

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