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RB Exclusive Interview: “Hit Rewind” With Au5

It is a certain fact that many artists in this world have had no formal musical education, and have commonly learned from other musicians and production whizzes involved, or sought out their passion for music without the support of their immediate families. Austin Collins, otherwise known as Au5, came into his early career with already taking classical piano lessons until the age of 12, and took on the task at a young age to tackle Garageband. Obviously possessing parents who aided him in the persuit of good tunes, but also being only 23 and having a Disney/Pixar-contracted song under his belt. Today at Relentless Beats, we are definitely excited to get inside the musical mind of Au5:

Tell me a little bit about your Any Longer/Hit Rewind EP; what was your favorite part about producing it?

The EP was an enjoyable piece to work on. The fact that I did not have any plans or future goals for the EP is what has made it an enjoyable experience. As with any music I create, not having a purpose other than creating makes it feel like fun and not like work. 

Au5 feat Q’AILA – Hit Rewind

What was the toughest part about producing it?

Mixdowns, specifically with Any Longer. There are a lot of elements and simultaneous sounds happening in sequence and it isn’t particularly simple to make it sound smooth and cohesive. I composed these songs using headphones because of my studio limitations at the time. I had to do multiple revisions with Any Longer’s mix after I acquired monitors to accurately listen on.

Is there a specific reason you collaborated with Q’AILA on both tracks?

Hit Rewind started out as an instrumental and needed a vocalist. Q’AILA was available and willing to collaborate on it at the time so we did that. It was pretty effortless, as she is a versatile vocalist and a prolific lyricist. Any Longer was a song she wrote, which needed an instrumental. I composed and produced the song around only the acapella which she gave me. It just seemed to make sense at the time to combine them as 1 EP.

Au5 feat Q’AILA – Any Longer

Do you have any preference on sticking to one type of genre in your productions?

I don’t like to concern myself with genre because I believe, consciously or subconsciously, such labeling categorizes and therefore stigmatizes something (art) that is a genuine and intimate expression of an individual. Now I could go on all day about what I believe makes music genuine/disingenuous, but specifically for me, sticking to a genre kills my inspiration and creative flow. Being a musician my entire life and being a lover of all kinds of music, I am not keen on limiting myself to one style, it feels unnatural.

Is there a certain label that you really enjoy your tracks being released on?

Not particularly. Different labels have different audiences, and often cater to specific styles or genres of music. Because I don’t cater to a specific audience, I am open to releasing on different labels. Diverse exposure is more important to me than consistent exposure from a single audience. 

Do you have a favorite location to perform at?

Motion Notion in Golden BC has been one of the most beautiful places and events I’ve been to. Probably there just because of the environment.

Is there anywhere you really want to perform at?


Are there any artists you draw inspiration from when producing music?

There are plenty of artists that I love, and inspire me in either direct or indirect ways. Often times it isn’t their sound that inspires me to create something similar, more so than it is the feelings and emotions which they induce in me, which charge me creatively. Fractal, Xilent, BT, Mr. Bill, Isqa, MakO, Tennyson, and Sorrow are some electronic producers that have a big impact on how I feel while creating and what I create. 

Again, we would like to thank Au5 again for his insightful answers into what it takes to be a virtuoso and upcoming DJ/producer. Judging from his sound, it’s no question that he’s on his way to paving his mark into the giant, tentacled monster that is the umbrella genre of EDM. Be sure to check out his new collab with Q’AILA as well as his other remixes, recent tracks, and original work to get the full “real” on Au5.

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