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5 DJs We Wanna Call “Daddy”

The weather is getting cooler and ‘daddy’ season is among us. A few things make a good daddy: looks, personality, and swag. It was hard, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top five worthy of the title:

Diplo – The Sugar Daddy


‘Daddy Dip’ as he’s sometimes called seems to have it all. If you follow him on any social media, Instagram or Snapchat particularly, you’ll see him traveling the world, attending lavish parties, and sporting a stylish wardrobe– although he post a lot of photos shirtless too, boy oh boy! This isn’t surprising considering he’s one of the busiest and hardest working guys in the industry. His career takes him everywhere, and he makes the most of every opportunity, making sure to have a lot of fun along the way. We can only imagine any woman in his life would receive the same treatment.

Kaskade – The Sweet One


He may be married and a literal daddy to 3 children, but we can’t help but fall for Kaskade’s sweet charm. Something about that half smile and humble attitude just makes us swoon, and at 45 years old he’s still looking real good! His songs speak right to our heart in a way that makes it seem like they were written for you specifically, and his redux sets are an incredible emotional experience. Kaskade is also known for speaking his mind, but who doesn’t love a guy who stands up for what he believes in? He has that sensitive side that every daddy needs.

Dillon Francis – The Charmer


Dillon Francis is the goof-ball we all love. Although he could win you over with his charm and personality alone, he’s not hard on the eye either. He’s the perfect mix of humor and hotness. If you don’t follow him on Snapchat, start! You need that “IDGAFOS” attitude in your life. Life with Dillon would be a non-stop party; he’d provide you with all the laughs you could handle, share his love of tacos, and take you “anywhere”. He may be a big kid at heart, but we think he’s daddy material.

Calvin Harris – The Eye Candy


For Calvin Harris the glow up has been real! I’m sure we’ve all see the pictures from his awkward days, but those days are long. Now an Armani underwear model he works with some of the hottest ladies in the game (lucky them!). Another reason to love Calvin–as if you need one– the man has a killer voice. He actually sings on a few of his songs, including his huge hit “Summer”. Summer has almost become synonymous with Calvin as that tends to be when he shines the most! He carries a certain confidence about him that is both mysterious and alluring. Everything about him reads “daddy”.

Borgore – The Sex Symbol


As his Twitter bio reads, “I’m not yet a father, but your sister calls me Daddy”, Borgore fully embraces the ‘Daddy’ persona. Infact his newest twerk-worthy track is actually titled “Daddy”. He occasionally rides the fine line between womanizing and appreciating, but Borgore actually has mad love for the ladies. If you search #bootyforborgore you’ll find thousands of girls professing their love and bearing their booties for the star. This inspired an entire campaign, #bootiesforboobies where Borgore donated $1 for every exposed rear to Keep Abreast, a breast cancer charity. That’s pretty ‘daddy’ worthy if you ask me.

Borgore is here to be your daddy on October 28th for Safe In Sound Festival, get your tickets here!

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