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Dillon Francis New Music Video Takes Fashion “Anywhere”

If you’re a fan of Dillon Francis then you know he is constantly pushing the creative limits in any and all things he does. From his hilarious snapchat stories to his top releases, Francis takes things literally everywhere and “Anywhere”. His latest single “Anywhere” featuring Will Heard is a cross between electronic dance music with an indie feel and on October 20th he graced his fans with a video to match.

Dillon Francis – Anywhere (Official Music Video) feat. Will Heard

Everything he creates stands out because of his quirky and innovative style. The video is filled with vibrant colors and an interesting “high fashion” theme. Throughout various scenes Francis is featured as an article of clothing being mixed and matched with different ensembles. The song has a tropical, yet groovy feel and the video reflects Dillon’s comical personality perfectly. We know Francis is all about making things a little more fun so upon the music video’s release he created a contest to go along with it. The contest encourages viewers to print out a paper version of Dillon and take him “anywhere”, similar to a Flat Stanley concept. You can check out more about the contest here.

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