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HavocNDeed Release Nu 2 Track EP “Nu Dub” + Free Bootleg of The Weeknd

HavocNDeed is taking it in a different direction with this one. Nu Dub is a step in the direction of something a little more psychedelic, while maintaining the Rastafarian flair that their music is known for.

The EP consists of tracks “Nu Dub” and “Universal,” two track that compliment each other through similarities and difference. The first is fast paced and never ceases the movement; on the other hand, “Universal” possesses a slow build but really kicks into gear with piercing synths and an island beat.

Grab your copy on iTunes!

But that’s not all HavocNDeed has to offer here.

Listen before it gets taken down because this bootleg of “Starboy” is one that needs to be heard. With a very limited number of remixes for the track so far, any rendition of “Starboy” is a welcome sight, and HavocNDeed has crafted something containing both a pristine sense of melody, catchiness, and loyalty to the original. Take a listen:

HavocNDeed, the curators and developers of 119 Sound have been on a hot streak lately with both original music and releases on their label. Check out one of 119 Sound’s latest from Junior Gold here.

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