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“I’m Fixed On You” Hotel Garuda

Always providing us with the grooviest of beats, you guys have done it again and honestly, you have me absolutely “fixed”. The Dj/producer pair Candleweather and Manilla Killa have always been able to create good music across the board. With an ability to create a unique sound among a variety of genres, whenever Hotel Garuda releases a song you can’t help but jam to it. Titled “Fixed On You”, their latest single combines electronic music with the soulful vocals of the talented Violet Days.

Hotel Garuda – “Fixed on You”

Hotel Garuda harnesses Violet Days skill to master her tone and pitch in a melodic way and paired it with just enough back tune to match her voice. This song is a perfect example of why the duo is hitting massive turning points in the music industry with their distinct sound and ability to make great music with any genre. See Hotel Garuda live tonight at the Monarch theater along side Destructo, AC Slater, and Dateless. You can find more information by clicking here.

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