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Lee Foss Releases “Deep Congo” in Anticipation of A New Album and Tour

It’s official: Lee Foss is gracing us with a full length album, and tour around February 17th, and is putting all the best “Alchemy” techniques he possibly can. Did you see what we did there? That’s called a joke, because that’s the name of his brand new album. Compared to Lee Foss’s “The Gift,” “Deep Congo,” the new track released only moments in the music world, shows a new future for Foss. Deep Congo combines aspect of house and techno, but deviates from the latter by presenting it with “sci-fi” like production that is starting to be on the rise. Playing just like a classic pin-ball game, Lee Foss’s Deep Congo sets a precedent for his new album to give us something more symphonic and sophisticated.

Lee Foss – Deep Congo

Beginning with a rising synth, Foss is already separating himself by harking back to the 80s — but you can bet your a** it isn’t in any way tacky. Mixed with the modern sounds of a lone synth bouncing back-and-forth in the backbeat, the start of this track already subsided what was given to us before. Instead of a generic backbeat without any sort of decor, we are treated to a house track that launches into the funk before we can even ask “what is up?” This time, Lee Foss is focusing on everything analog and original — producing original sounds from what we thought of as dead production values.
As time goes on, we are constantly bombarded by the new, edgy, and every new program DJs want to utilize on their boards. Lee Foss is going to remind us with his new album why those classics sounds made us who we are today, and incorporate those sounds into fresh melodies that still captivate audiences. Take a listen to Lee Foss’s “Deep Congo,”catch his new album in Feb. 2017,  and never forget where your favorite “wub wubs” came from!

Catch Lee Foss at Global Dance Festival heading up the RB Deep Stage on November 19!

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