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Relentless Record Collection: GTA’s ‘Good Times Ahead’

In today’s electronic industry, it can be hard to find a unique sound. Something that stands out from the rest…something that people recognize as a certain artist from the first drop of a song. For many, it takes years to develop a personal sound that people grow to love. But in this case, it was a short journey for two guys who love a good time.

GTA’s new album, from start to end, is a collection of everlasting notable tracks, ranging everywhere from zen to turnt all the way up. Featuring huge names, the help from What So Not, Tunji Ige, Vince Staples, Wax Motif, Tinashe, and many more, each track brings a new vibe while holding true to GTA’s original “death to genres” theme.

“Little Bit of This” is a nature-based orchestra that takes us out of the chaos of society and into the deep dark woods. This track would definitely be number one on a camping playlist, along with the album hits “Feel It” and “Get It All.” These anthems have already climbed up the music charts, very well-deservingly at that.

GTA ft. Vince Staples – Little Bit of This

Hearing this album for the first time, I would have never thought it was GTAs debut. Every track holds a signature sound that fits the reputation of its producers, without sounding like any past releases. It’s the perfect mix of originality and growth.

10 tracks filled with a salad of sound, this album will no doubt be in the background of endless good times.

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