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The Youth Takeover: The Youngest & The Greatest In the Game

With electronic music gaining more and more attention as the days go by, more and more people want to get involved with what we are all about. Because we have such a massive influx of attention getting turned towards us, that means we also get a lot of younger kids in the scene who get started on making electronic music. Some of these guys are as young as 16 when they start touring and probably have been making beats since they came out of the womb.

Point being, these guys are really good and we wanted to point out some of the kids who are leading the way for all their fellow brethren 19 years and younger. We picked 5 of them for you, but we don’t mean to discredit any of the other guys who are young as well and currently killing it. As far as we can all tell, all of them are going to be huge key players in the years to come.

5) Curbi

Born the 27th of October 1998, Toby Curwen-Bingley, better known by his stage name Curbi, just turned 18 and celebrated his birthday recently. He is best known for the tracks “Discharge” and “Rubber”, which both reached the Beatport Top 10, achieving more than 1.5 million views on Spinnin’ Records YouTube Channel. On top of this he just released another single a couple days ago titled “Red Point.” Pretty impressive for the young stud, and by the looks of it he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Connect with Curbi: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

4) Oshi

If you don’t know his name, you know his music, because at one point in time or another every artists has played Oshi‘s flip of “Ridin Around” by Kali Uchis. It’s totaled up to 14.5m plays right now on his soundcloud. Definitely pretty wild for a kid who is only 18 years old. As co-founder of the rising Film Noir collective and with support from Soulection, HW&W and more, Oshi continues to keep everyone on their toes with unique and forward thinking productions that are unlike anything else in music right now.

Connect with Oshi: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

3) Hucci

Ollie O’Neill, better known under the alias Hucci is a Brighton-based trap producer, who gained significant popularity via his Soundcloud account. This young 19 year old out of the UK is soon to be on everyone’s radar in the quickly evolving Trap landscape. His main hits include Hatch, Swerve, Hustle, Lambo, and he also has remixed The XX’s – Angel.

Connect with Hucci: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

2) Louis The Child

Louis the Child is a Chicago-based music duo consisting of Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett. Coming in at both 19 years old they’ve already traveled a large portion of their world sharing their music with millions of people all around the world. The young duo has gained significant attention from producers worldwide, and most recently has gained a brief glimpse of pop music fame when Jaden and Willow Smith sampled Louis The Child’s remix of Body Gold in their newest EP. Both freshman at USC just a year ago, they’ve now entered a completely different lifestyle and will soon be on their way to change the ways of electronic music as a whole.

Connect with Louis the ChildSoundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

1) Slushii

Slushii has been on a quick and crazy rise during 2016 as one of the biggest breakout artists edm has ever seen. He kills it with his own sound including dreamy future bass and dubstep, and has dished out some impressive remixes including Marshmello’s “Alone” and Adventure Club’s “Fade,” along with his own tracks like “So Long” featuring Madi and “Take My Hand” to name a few. The last of the group who is 19 years as old, Skrillex himself has called this guy “The Future of EDM” and we can’t wait to see all the amazing things he is going to do in time.

Connect With Slushii: Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

Don’t forget that Slushii will be here for Decadence and Louis The Child will be here for Global! Tickets can be bought here and here, respectively. You should also pop them a follow to stay up to date with any news or new music they have coming out so you can see how these young lads will change the world!

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