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Artist Spotlight: Mark Farina to Turn Heads and Tables This Weekend with RBDeep

Forget Santa! Mark Farina is coming to town! In case you didn’t get your fill on Thanksgiving, this house guru is ready to serve up some delicious beats next weekend. We are excited to be transported into the lovely world that is RBDeep. Sensual, groovy, and rich, Farina‘s musical prowess will allow for nothing but pure bliss on the night of the show. This producer/ DJ is elusive in certain ways, but does not shy away from quality performances. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the video below to get a better of the type of shows he puts on. The Lab NYC announcer introduces Farina as the “originator of mushroom jazz.” The video, courtesy of Mixmag, really does speak for itself. Have a listen and get lost in the mix!

As a DJ, Farina stands out from the rest because of his unique mixes that implement an “old school” groove. As the announcer in the video mentioned, he has successfully created his own genre. That is why he has become a notable icon in the electronic music scene. Ever since the beginning of his career in 1989, Farina has built an empire from his humble beginnings with KMS Records. In 1996, he launched his highly acclaimed Mushroom Jazz series which was originally released on cassette tape. The term “mushroom jazz” comes from his signature blend of acid jazz, trip hop, and jazz. His sultry mixes are certainly easy on the ears, and are great to chill out and relax to. Although his sound is still rooted in the old school sounds that began in Chicago and New York, he easily appeals to the millennial crowd. This is, mostly likely, because his fans can appreciate his attempt at being a break from the mainstream acts that dominate today’s electronic dance music scene. With that said, Mark Farina will be a very welcome addition to our RB Deep series of artists who have performed for us in the heart of Downtown Phoenix. The show is on December 3rd so don’t wait! Get your tickets here! You definitely do not want to miss this special event.

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