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A Holiday Gift Guide For Electronic Music Lovers

It’s been a wonderful 2016 full of music and cheer, and believe it or not, the holidays are upon us already. As everyone recovers from their Thanksgiving feasts, it’s time to start brainstorming your 2016 gift giving and wishes, and I put together a holiday gift guide that may be of assistance.

Artist Merch


Merch from your favorite artists is a perfect gift to give or receive this time of year. Lots of artists come out with new merchandise in the spirit of the holidays, and some even have holiday inspired merch as well. What could give you a cozier feeling than a fuzzy sweatshirt with your favorite dj on it?

Vibedration Backpacks


As tons of festivals approach us, you and your squad are going to need hydration backpacks to stay hydrated and hold your belongings in style. Vibedration creates one of a kind hydration packs in different sizes and prints that would make for a stellar gift.

Festival Tickets

Tickets to a show / event in a hand with a black background.

With New Years and spring/summer festival season amongst us, festival tickets would serve as a killer gift that I think would make anyone jump for joy. If you have your eye on someone for that New Year’s kiss, maybe surprising them with a ticket will do the trick.



For those of you who like to listen to your music old school style on a record player, vinyls would be the perfect addition to a holiday wish list. Collecting vinyls could be fun too, why not start now?

Electric Family Bracelets


Electric Family is a company that creates customized bracelets with your favorite dj’s name or logo that do a good deed. Each dj chooses a charity in which the proceeds of the bracelet will go to, so you can be stylish while giving back.

DJ Equipment


Any electronic music fans out there feeling inspired to make some music of their own? Wether you’re a beginner or an experienced dj needing some new tools, dj equipment could be the perfect gift for you. This equipment can be pretty pricey, so I hope you’ve all been good this year.

Even though “the most wonderful time of the year” is actually festival season, the holiday season is still pretty great, and an opportunity to give to those you love, and receive some goodies yourself. Hopefully this gift guide sprouted a few ideas, and happy holidays everyone!

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