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Bijou Brings the Heat with “GURU”

Just before his highly anticipated b2b set with Nukid in support of Dr. Fresch this weekend, Bijou has blessed G House fans with an outstanding new single that is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on the EDM community. Bijou states that his latest project “resonate[s] with [him] on a spiritual level,” as it incorporates “major influences of current culture that exist in my life, while holding true to the G House sound that [he] love[s]”. Take a listen below!

Bijou flawlessly incorporates his favorite elements of G House as he always does with smooth vocal lines, crisp percussion, and dark, heavy bass wubs. In addition, he brings many unique noises to the table to compliment the traditional house noises. The most exciting of these elements is the sitar which is not commonly found in electronic music but gives the track a very ethereal presence.

Bijou, aka Ben Dorman, has grabbed the attention of major house artists with his special sound which has landed him collabs with Dr. Fresch, Dirty Doses, and Gerry Ganza and two Night Bass releases. All three aforementioned collaborations have scored over 300k plays with the numbers still racking up daily. The tremendous amount of support for AZ native Bijou does not stop there, however.

Recently via soundcloud, the platinum selling production team known as The Chainsmokers have commended Bijou’s work on “GURU” by reposting it for their 833k followers to enjoy. The Chainsmokers have been setting trends in the electronic music scene for years and have proven that they know how to get a track heard. Bijou truly deserves the attention he is receiving for his hard work and we do not expect him to slow down anytime soon.

Make sure to catch Bijou with Nukid before Dr. Fresch this Saturday at the Monarch Theatre. There will be a toy drive for Toys For Tots so bring your unopened toys for a chance to enter the Special Raffle!

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