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DJ Snake Brings ‘Let Me Love You’ To Life in New Music Video

A few months ago DJ Snake teamed up with Justin Bieber for the blowout single ‘Let Me Love You.’ The track stole the hearts of many immediately and remains taking over the radio. The track has now been brought to life through a music video full of action and two love birds on a scheming, adventurous night out.

DJ Snake – Let Me Love You ft. Justin Bieber

Directed by James Lee, the video follows a couple living a life of crime making robbery’s in none other than DJ Snake and Justin Bieber masks, and the two love struck by each other along the way. Intimate scenes of the two lovers flash back and forth between clips of them as bandits.

The pair eventually bring their stolen money to a mob boss whom they double cross kicking off an intense chase from the cops. The couple drives, ducks, and dodges the cops when the video seems like it comes to an end as the guy of the pair runs off a building. But then the film picks back up and is led into an ending you may not have seen coming.

The chase unfolds into a video game signaled by a health bar refilling at the bottom of the screen and police officers and mob members blinking red when struck by the couple. As the couple continue to defeat their enemies, it is unveiled that the scenario is really a virtual reality game being played by a teenage boy and an older man.

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