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Experience Decadence Through Their Eyes: Relentless Ranger – Sal Franco

Decadence is set to be the biggest party Relentless Beats has ever thrown. In just three years it’s grown exponentially and now hosts one of the best New Year’s Eve lineups in the country. With less than a month until the big event, we’ve put together a series of stories from last year’s attendees.

The Relentless Rangers have become an essential part of Relentless Beats’ events. They make sure our guests are always having fun and staying safe. Their perspective on events is truly unique and we wanted to share that in the first part of our series. Sal is a Relentless Ranger who has been with us since the beginning and had a lot to say about his experience last year:

How did being a Ranger change the Decadence experience for you?

Becoming a Ranger made me fall in love with the scene all over again. I got to see first hand just how difficult it is to put on an event of this size and the long hours that go into making it happen. It’s an amazing experience that is different from attending. The Rangers have become a large family that loves helping people stay safe while having fun themselves. Working the event, you interact with so many people and you create bonds, friendships, and as cliche as it may sound, family. It’s  hard to make your way throughout the crowd with a Ranger shirt on and not have somebody stop to show gratitude, give us kandi, high fives, hugs, or all of the above. So that alone makes being a Ranger an amazing experience.

What was your favorite moment of Decadence 2015?

Surprisingly, my favorite Decadence 2015 moment was driving home after the 2nd night. I was looking back at the event and how the rangers are having on impact on individual lives and on the local scene. It’s amazing. It gave me an immense feeling of accomplishment and gratitude knowing just how many people we were able to help throughout the weekend. This was only our 2nd event as a group so it gave me something to look forward to in the future, something to be optimistic about.


What did Decadence look like through the eyes of a Ranger?

Magical! To see so many people gathered around in my home state on NYE for the biggest event our state had seen was incredible. The crowd was electric both nights and looking back it still gives me the chills. Relentless Beats never seizes to amaze me with the level of production and talent that they bring. When I first walked into that venue my eyes lit up and from there the two-day magical ride began.

What would you tell guests planning on attending this year’s Decadence?

Dress warm! It gets cold out, and just because it’s not 110 degrees does not mean we don’t need to hydrate, so do that too! The Rangers recently rolled out the Ranger Outpost so keep an eye out for that if you need a place to rest, someone one to talk to, or just to show us some love because we feed off of it. We can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces at Decadence 2016. #wesavetherave

Decadence Day 1 @ Rawhide - 151230 Photos by

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