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RB Deep in the Mix: UMEK – Behind The Iron Curtain Ep. 282

Slovenian DJ UMEK has been making moves in the techno world since 1993. With over 20 years experience, four albums, and ownership of multiple labels his career tends to speak for itself. In 2010 he was named Best Techno Artist at the Beatport Awards, Best Techo DJ in 2013 at the EMPO Awards, and again in 2014 at the International Dance Music Awards. He plays everywhere from underground clubs in Berlin to huge stages at festivals worldwide, and soon the Valley!

This week’s RB Deep in the Mix is UMEK’s most recent mix, episode 282 of his weekly radio show, Behind The Iron Curtain.

His show is broadcast on over 150 stations across the globe. The radio show has the same intention as his label, 1605, established to showcase the newcomers and unknowns within the techno sphere. It’s an hour of tech perfection as he opens with a track by Arjun Vagale, “Patterns” followed by “Input-Output” by Christian Smith. Just less than a quarter of the way through UMEK drops an original mix of the song “Fragmented”. He also includes “Flang-O-Matic” and closes out with four short tracks, all under two minutes blended together flawlessly.

UMEK takes over Monarch’s Scarlet Room with his techno beats on January 21st. Get your tickets here!

Connect with UMEK: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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