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Sydney Blu’s New ‘Bouncin’ EP

One of Canada’s hottest house and techno producers Sydney Blu teamed up with Mihalis Safras’ Material Series in her recently released ‘Jackrabbit’ EP. Showcasing her fierce talent, the three tracks in the EP deliver a strong and irresistible sound, including the bass heavy track Jackrabbit. With a techno influence, this track starts off the collection with provocative synths that pump up the high energy.

Bouncin, follows the upbeat energy while rocking with softer house tones and melodic vocals to follow. Finishing off the EP with What I Need, a slow bouncing hit with a groovy bassline. Distorted vocals and layers of strong instrumentals create a package of varying sounds that flow seamlessly together. Carrying on the techno-house vibes, the three tracks are just enough to hype up the dancefloor!

Listen here!

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