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LOUDPVCK & Botnek’s New Collab Will Blow Your Socks Off

LOUDPVCK has been on a roll releasing new music, and after taking a dip into the future bass pool, they’ve returned to their outrageous bass style with some help from bas heavyweight, Botnek, for a collab titled ‘Traffic.’

When LOUDPVCK’s fans expressed some disappointment on twitter after the style change of their last couple releases, the duo let them know that something big was on it’s way, and I think ‘Traffic’ lives up to their promises.Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 2.07.10 PM

In an email to THUMP, Loudpvck say that “Traffic”—their new collaboration with the Montreal duo Botnek—was conceived in order “to figure out how to break the most speakers possible with one song.” The track is unique like most of LOUDPVCK’s work, and displays the perfect amount of grimyness.

If you keep tabs on LOUDPVCK’s social media, they’re always talking about new music. So if their last couple releases just weren’t enough for you, I’m sure there will be more soon. LOUDPVCK will be returning to Az in April at Phoenix Lights Festival, so catch their set for one of the most high energy experiences of your life!

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