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Gerry Gonza Releases “Optimus” and More

Gerry Gonza is killing the releases this month! The Phoenix-based producer and DJ just released “Optimus” on the every-mysterious Malaa‘s newly-released Illegal Mixtape. Like most of the mixtape, this track is groovy G-house that’ll make your ears do backflips. Gonza brings in light male vocals, and around 2:35, makes your heart shake with the downbeat build that breaks into some of the most hypnotic house you’ve ever heard. Check it out below:

Gonza is featured again on the mixtape on the collab track “React,” with Malaa himself. The song also follows Malaa’s classic sound, bringing in hypnotizing snares and synths to get ya moving. Give it a listen:

If you say you didn’t dance in your seat to these tracks, you’re a liar. Gonza, originally known as Gerardo Arellano, blends any and all influences for his original tracks, which are always bumpin’. Keep an eye out for more from him in 2017!

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