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LO’99 & Sinden Release ‘Burners’ EP on Tchami’s Confession Label + Interview!

Tchami’s Confession label has been releasing practically non-stop since the launch towards the end of 2015. The imprint has released over 60 tracks to date and has been regularly putting a spotlight on the greatest talents to breakthrough in the bass and future house scene. Past releases include DUSTYCLOUD, ANGELZ and of course label favorite Malaa.

The most recent artists to join the Confession family are LO’99 and Sinden with their two-track EP Burners. Both artists curate their own brand of future house and have released on Medium Rare Recordings and Night Bass respectively, however the ‘Burners’ EP was primed for Confession.The EP takes listeners deep into club land with two tracks primed for the dance floor.

‘2NITE’ and ‘WGWN’ are two club- ready smashes built on heavy kicks and brooding basslines, perfect for Confession’s loyal fan base. It will undoubtedly be highly received by fans and fellow producers alike. In addition to turning out dope dance tracks, this duo has been working hard on mixes and a busy schedule of shows. In between it all we had a chance to sit down with LO’99 and Sinden and ask them a few questions. Check out the interview below:

Confession has really blown up in the last year. How does it feel to be the latest artists to join the label?

LO’99 – Yeah we’re stoked to have our EP on there, so many sick tunes and artists on Confession!!! Big up sir Tchami!

Sinden – Feels really good. I love the vision of the label and have been admiring what Confession has been up to since it launched. It’s really innovating and paving the way so it’s a huge honor.

These tracks could keep me dancing all night (the Burners EP). Is there any particular inspiration behind these two tracks or why you decided on these tracks for the EP? 

LO’99 – 2nite reminds me of all the old-school rave stuff I used to listen too when I was younger, especially with the vox and some of the synths – it just all came together pretty naturally for us. With WGWN I’m pretty sure we just sat down and just planned on writing a solid club action.

Sinden – On one of Lo’s US trips we just blocked out some time to make a release and was thinking a 2 tracker that aims for the dance floor. The inspiration is always the club. 2Nite was an idea that Lo had and we both fleshed out. It’s a bit more low slung than WGWN, which is heavy duty. I think that one started as 2 of our projects which we rolled into one.

Tell me a little bit about the new mix:


Sinden – The mix showcases some up and coming releases from us both and features favorites from the Confession and Night Bass camps, the vast majority of which is unreleased like Lo’s remix of Angelz etc. It’s just tunes we are really feeling and that also represent us as DJ’s.

What’s in store for you guys the rest of 2017?

LO’99 – For myself from a show pov I’m heading over your way in May for a few shows, then back home to Australia for few shows, then back in US again for some things I can’t announce yet – haha – lots of back and forth between the US and Australia!! Music-wise in the short term I’ve got a remix for G (Sinden) coming through Insomniac and a remix for Angelz coming through Confession + my next single ‘From The Start’ on the way. Later in the year a few different collabs and another single I’ve nearly finished. Me and Sinden have started on a follow-up EP for Burners already too 🙂 Pretty keen to get all this music out there!!

Sinden – Loads in the pipeline that, unfortunately, I can’t talk about a lot of. All will be revealed over the next few months ha. However I can say that you can catch me at Middlelands, Electric Forest, The Planet Rock event in SF and LA (also with your boy LO’99) and some other major festivals coming up!

Watch out for further tracks via Confession very soon, and follow both LO’99 and Sinden via their socials as linked below.

Connect with LO’99: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with SINDEN: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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