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RB Exclusive Interview: ETC!ETC!–Moombahton Master

LA-born and raised DJ and producer Jose Guerrero, better known by his stage name ETC!ETC!,  is an extraordinary leader in the moombahton realm. He may have started his career focusing on electro house, but his transition to


around 2011 has been commanding the most attention from his fans around the globe. ETC!ETC! gravitates his aural attention onto anything that moves the room. With an eclectic mix of different audio flavors coming out of his arsenal it’s no wonder ETC!ETC! has garnered a diverse array of highly-prestigious support from EDM leaders Wolfgang Gartner, AC Slater, Congorock, 12th Planet x Skrillex,

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Dillon Francis, Diplo, Bro Safari  & many others. We had a chance to ask ETC!ETC! a few questions leading up to his performance in Phoenix this Friday. Check it out!

We all know you are the spiciest moombahton robot in our respective universe. That being said, we are curious to know where the robot logo and the name ETC!ETC! came from and what it means to you.

I’ve loved robots ever since I was little. I think it’s because there was one Christmas I got a toy robot and my mom wouldn’t let me have it. She knew I would break it, so she put it on display on top of a mantle inside of our home. And then I would get more and she would keep doing it. It wasn’t until I was older that she finally let me have em, which was epic. Then I started listening to early Daft Punk and was like “fuck…I love robots.” So it’s mainly a homage to my childhood and Daft Punk.

The staple that you have created in the moombahton world could not have come over night. What led you to create moombahton music, and could you see yourself ever embodying a different sound in the future? If so, what do you project that it will sound like?

Well, I didn’t start off making Moombahton. I started off making Electro House and Dutch House. It wasn’t until Mr. Vega – Ricky Vaughn from Sazon Booya – brought it up to me over email. He was like “Dave Nada is doing this thing,” so on and so forth, and I took a listen and really got into it. It brought me back to my roots and had a good flow so I took a whack at it, and then it became all I was making at the time.

Your latest work “Baddd,” released via Twonkilation Vol. 1, is one of your best so far. What was it like working with close friends Bro Safari and UFO! on this banger?



Bro Safari is one of my best friends. When Moombahton came up him and I started talking trading tunes and ideas and we just locked down bro town. So we’ve been working for years. Moombah, Trap, House, whatever. I like to say we have the same ear, and we kinda know each other well. We started “Baddd” when I came to Austin and stayed for a few days. We worked on a bunch of tunes. “Baddd” needed a new element so we decided to send it over to UFO. We knew he would kill it and he did, and it turned out to be better than we could have ever imagined.

You recently played shows in both Guangdong and Guangzhou, and the crowds looked absolutely wild! How did your experience of performing in China compare to your experiences here in America? Were there any similarities or differences that stood out to you?

I went to China and didn’t know what to expect. TBH, whenever I go anywhere I don’t know what to expect. This was my first time going there, and I was honestly amazed. The fans are amazing, the people are amazing and the vibes are beyond belief. I thought I would go out there and play a club and play some random music, but no, I had fans. People asking for certain tunes. I was in awe. America is the same – I never know what to expect and I’m always surprised. I come to a show as a regular dude just wanting to play music and when it is beyond amazing, I live in it. 

The Arizona ETC!ETC! fam highly anticipates your return on June 23. What can fans expect at Gypsy Bar in terms of style and possible new music?

So much new music, and as always a little bit of everything. Trap, bass, and of course: Moombahton. I always play Moombahton. 


Catch ETC!ETC! at Gypsy Bar this Friday, June 23rd. Grab tickets here.

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