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Wingtip Releases Heartfelt Track ‘Walls’ ft. Delacey

Losing someone and letting go is hard to understand, but Wingtip’s new track might make it a little easier. San Francisco-born and Brooklyn-based artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Wingtip recently released possibly the most relatable and heartfelt track of 2017, “Walls” featuring vocalist Delacey.

Wingtip explained, “Walls is about knowing that you’ve alienated someone and that they’re gone, but still seeing and feeling them everywhere you go, and how the people you love never really leave you, you carry them like ghosts with you everywhere you move.”

Listen for yourself:

Indie electronica mastermind Wingtip blessed us at Phoenix Lights 2017, and we’re hoping he’ll come back real soon! In the meantime, check out his summer tour dates here.

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