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Bassnectar Opens Up In Recent Reddit AMA

Bassnectar has been hard at work lately. Between a massive touring schedule and working nonstop in the studio remixing his record collection for a new project called ‘Freestyle Sessions’ it’s hard to believe he has any extra time for the internet, but he took to Reddit last week to connect with fans on the website’s popular ‘Ask Me Anything’ page. He opened with this message, links to his recent work, and required ‘proof’ picture:

“Greetings Reddit universe!

This is my second time doing an AMA, very glad to be back! I’ve been deep in the labs working on a zillion tunes and gearing up for the madness of summer festival season… I’ve been preparing both ends of the spectrum: left-field freestyle events, as well as massive anthems for full power broadcast, and now I’m hitting the road full steam and launching into GO MODE 🙂 figured I’d catch up here first: what’s on your mind?”


Despite his many work obligations, Bassnectar took the time to give fans lengthy and detailed answers.

When asked what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a DJ he said,

“I think either a high school history teacher or a guidance counselor… OR! I would love to do preschool or kindergarten, I got my teachers degree when I graduated [was busy with a minor in education, minor in electronic music, and a major in Community Studies] and just wanted to work with music and social change, and inspire/protect/guide people who needed friendship and support…. I’d also love to write novels…like stories or something.”

A fan shared an intimate story with Bassnectar on the public forum and he gave an equally thoughtful response,

I have experienced deeply moving and cathartic experiences of growth and change…painful upheavals, frightening chaos, isolation, confusion, deep fear…and also beauty, sunrise, mystery, awe, connection… I think it moves in cycles and we all get to play a part in each other’s stories, to whatever degree we wish [which is why Random Acts of Kindness is so fun and important]….its why I never understand when someone says “I’m bored” its like…you’re what? every single moment of life is a chance to breathe in the beauty, the mystery, the awe of life… we are miracles, even at the WORST times, the most painful and awful, its still such a crazy coincidence that you were even born at all… its a CRAZY FUCKING MINDBAFFLING COINCIDENCE THAT YOUR PARENTS WERE EVEN BORN! much less survived everything under the sun, and made it to the point where there created you and now YOU have all these insanely complex nuances and ideas and opportunities and experiences…how can someone be bored.”

He was also asked some really great questions about recent career moves, such as his musical inspirations and his decision to move Bass Center:

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.19.44 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.13.53 PM

There were an ample amount of questions about his luscious lock, in which he responded, “my manager just texted me ‘I’ve never seen so many questions about somebodies hair.'” Check out the full Q&A thread here.

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