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Bassnectar Offers 2000 Months of Free Therapy

Mental health awareness has become an important foundation for different communities across the board. In the EDM community, especially after Avicii’s death, the call for this awareness has grown tremendously. Many producers have canceled shows, tours, or other productions to focus on their mental health and overall well-being. Artists and audiences alike face challenges every day from anxiety and depression to PTSD to relationship issues to the feeling of being lost. 

With a mission to make therapy as normal as exercise, Bassnectar is promoting this awareness through 2,000 months of free therapy. Taking a tool that is oftentimes considered “wrong” or “taboo” and encouraging people to seek it out is making waves across the scene. Through years of raising money for support and guidance projects like this, Bassnectar and his Be Interactive team are partnering with Better Help to give people four free therapy sessions to get the help that they need.

Originally, the campaign was set up for 1,000 months of therapy. But with the amount of response and support this project received, Bassnectar and his team expanded even further to help 2,000 people. Using the proceeds from Bass Center XII and $2 from every ticket sold from the upcoming Freakstyle store, this Interactive Support & Guidance Project has already touched more than they could have anticipated. The application form has currently reached its maximum, once at 1,000 and now after the expansion. But Bassnectar and his team will not stop there. Announcing more resources and offering the Crisis Text Line (741741), there is the assurance that they are on a mission to help as many people as possible. This campaign truly is vital for everyone, whether they’re struggling with mental health or not. Here is the link provided to fill out an application.

The Be Interactive fundraiser began in September 2018, launching multiple charity events that address crises like homelessness, mental health, and education. By inspiring unity and love for every community, the nonprofit creates goals several times a year to change lives and spread awareness. Bassnectar is touching hearts and souls through many more ways than just music. Head to Be Interactive HQ to learn more and follow Better Help to be apart of the cause. And check out Bassnectar’s Facebook page to read more about 2,000 months of free therapy.

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