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Special Guests Bijou and AC Slater Surprised Night Bass with an Epic B2B

AC Slater is without a doubt the King of bass-heavy house music in America. He’s begun a lengthy career for himself by fusing elements of house music with the dirty basslines of UK garage and sprinkles of old-school rave synths and breaks. In 2015, Slater decided to make a record label out of his longstanding party scene in LA so he could continue to support quality bass music, release records and host parties; he calls it ‘Night Bass‘.

Since then AC Slater has been touring the country bringing his bass-heavy music to festivals and clubs alike. Last night he brought some of the Night Bass gang to LA for a killer night of entertainment. It started with Petey Clicks, followed by Roska and Proxxxy. As the night started to wind down, though, fans began to get anxious to see who those special guests would be.

Suprise, suprise! The man himself, AC Slater, showed up with pal Bijou for a special b2b2b with Sinden.

Epic, indeed. AC Slater has said, “My goal with Night Bass is to share and spread the music I love, to help promote my friends who make great original music, and to discover and introduce new artists. It’s bigger than me, and it’s bigger than the music. It’s a movement and a community.” We can see that passion in every event he throws.

AC Slater is bringing his Night Bass Summer Series to Phoenix on September 9th. He’s bringing his friends Jack Beats, Phlegmatic Dogs, and Petey Clicks. You won’t want to miss this one. Get info and tickets here.

Connect with AC Slater: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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