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Spin it Back Saturday with DJ S3RL’s ‘Pretty Rave Girl’

In the early 2000’s, hardcore dance music was on the rise, and S3RL was claimed king. His music expressed what it was like to be a part of the rave culture at that time, so his fans were as hardcore as his tunes. One of his most known tracks, ‘Pretty Rave Girl,’ is our throwback for the week for its simple story and brisk beat.

Pretty Rave Girl – S3RL

S3RL received a lot of attention from anime lovers, for his music referenced their culture. Some of his tracks include ‘Feel the Melody,’ ‘Bass Slut,’ and ‘Keep on Raving Baby,’ so it’s clear his music was the epitome of the rave scene in the 2000’s.

To this day, S3RL is the ultimate kandi kid. He has fans around the world supporting his music, repping his merch, and making fan art which can be found posted all over his Facebook page. Recently, DJ S3RL finished a US tour and he continues to play shows around the world.

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