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Vanic Gives Big Sean’s ‘Bounce Back’ an EDM Glow Up

We’ve all taken an L…or two…or 20, but with every Soundcloud post, new record or festival set DJ Vanic seems to escape this facet of reality. The Canadian producer’s remix of Big Sean’s “Bounce Back” dropped just a yesterday and it’s already topped EDM Sauce’s ‘Best Of The Week’ playlist. The blending of the rap songs iconic one-liners with Vanic’s melodic future bass melody makes this song a mainstage must-see. My favorite part is the lyric cut right before you get ready to belt out “Beast Mode” and it’s replaced with a classic Vanic style bass-heavy drop. It catches you off guard in the coolest way possible.

Other than the literal flames this track emits, this song has people buzzing because it’s pretty different than his past records. Some of his most popular tracks feature soft female vocals from singer/songwriters K.Flay, Maty Noyes and Katy Tiz which has encompassed Vanic’s recognizable sound. With this new hip-hop remix, however, Vanic is showing us he is not limited to any style or genre. In the post on Soundcloud Vanic gave a shout out and wrote, “For my favorite rapper, @bigsean-1 hope you guys feel this as much as I do”. I think I speak for all of us when I say we are definitely feelin’ it!

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