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Zeds Dead Releases the Bass Infused Deadbeats Radio #001

The iconic Canadian duo has impressed us with their music and stunning live performances all across the world in their festival circuits and other shows they play. Zeds Dead is well known for their brain melting and insanely energetic shows. They began back in 2009 when the duo decided to team up and focus their passion on electronic music. Zeds Dead are predominately known for their ground shaking dubstep beats that they have all over their SoundCloud. The duo’s most recent album titled “Northern Lights” was a huge hit. The duo also recently released the remix album with mixes from artists such as Bear Grillz, Ganja White Night, and famous UK artist Delta Heavy.

They’ve been saying for some time that they have been planning a radio show and the wait is now over. Zeds Dead Deadbeats Radio will be playing weekly on Sirius XM’s Electric Area radio and gives listeners a chance to check out some classic beats as well as other songs or artists that they may not know about.

The radio announcement also came with the announcement of a Deadbeats tour across America, featuring acts like Rezz, NGTMRE, and other notable bass artists. So if you’re a bass lover like me, go ahead and tune into Deadbeats radio and rock out in your car, garage, or wherever you may be listening from.

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