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Local Podcast Euromerica Brings You Music from Around the World

Euromerica is an online podcast based in Phoenix, Arizona. Here, one can find pop and dance music from both Europe and America. Since your everyday radio station plays songs from the mainstream, Euromerica Radio’s host, Melanie, handpicks tracks from the internet to introduce listeners to songs they may not have heard otherwise.

Right away, Melanie knew Euromerica Radio was something special. There was nothing like it. It’s a place where one could find select tracks, including world-class hits and underground bangers from two distinct places of the world.

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Since it’s commencement, Melanie has interviewed all sorts of artists, such as Panic! At The Disco, Amanda Wilson, Aaron Carter, and more. Many of the interviews went on while she was studying at ASU, where she also worked on Blaze Radio, formerly known as The Blaze.

Once Melanie graduated, she knew she had something special and wanted to continue with hosting a radio show. The only way to do this was with a podcast, so Euromerica Radio was born. The podcast plays songs, does giveaways, and Melanie even created a charity CD series, ‘Euromerica and Friends.’ Since the release of the series, Euromerica has raised over $1,000 for Parkinson’s disease research.

Today, the podcast can be listened to on just about any music streaming platform. Recently, the show celebrated existence with its 100th episode, so take a listen to what was six years in the making.

If you have talent, ambition, and you’re curious, you can do this. If you have a talent, vision, and drive, you can make anything happen.

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