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3 Reasons to Check Out Decadence’s Ruby Courtyard

With just a couple days until Decadence Arizona, you’ve probably started planning your weekend, from what to wear, who to go with, and what DJs you absolutely must see. With time slots now out, let me give you a few reasons why you should definitely fit the Decadence Ruby Courtyard into your schedule.


1. Support your local scene! Every artist gracing the Ruby Courtyard is native to Arizona. The Valley is known for its top-notch music, especially in the EDM sector, with huge acts like Drezo, Mija, and Ghastly all being previous residents. Many of the artists found on the above lineup hold local residencies or serve as support for some of the biggest acts that come through the state. Support your local scene this New Year and help it grow.

2. Discover someone, or something, new. The Decadence lineup is star-studded, so chances are you know, and have maybe even seen most of the artists performing. The Ruby Courtyard is a chance check out something new. A chance to discover a new favorite artist or sound. A chance to meet new music lovers with the same adventurous spirit as you!

3. Find intimate vibes in a festival setting. Decadence is extravagant, lavish, and excessive in all the best ways. It’s a huge, end-of-the-year extravaganza to symbolize the close of one chapter and the opening of the next. Sometimes though, it’s nice to have a getaway, even in the middle of all the blissful chaos. The Ruby Courtyard, our third stage overflowing with amazing tunes and even better company, is that getaway.

Grab your last minute Decadence Arizona tickets here and get ready for an incredible weekend!

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