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Artist Spotlight: Crywolf

If you’re looking to spice up your EDM intake with something different, look no further than Crywolf, an indie-electronic music producer with fiery red hair and a dark, sultry sound. Crywolf, a.k.a. Justin Taylor Phillips is a DJ, instrumentalist, and vocalist from LA who released his first EP, Ghosts, in 2013, followed by his debut album, Cataclasm, in 2015.

Crywolf’s music is characterized as deep, lyrical, powerful, and chill-inducing. He’s so dedicated to his sound and breaking away from expectations for electronic dance music, that he traveled to Iceland to spend a month and a half sequestered to create his first full-length album. The project that emerged as a result was nothing short of artistic genius. Cataclasm captured every bit of Crywolf’s experience in Ireland, with slow, dark melodies and lyrics dripping with poetic expression.

To be honest, all of Crywolf’s productions stand out amongst the masses. His debut music video for “Anachronism” has been described as a “stark visual manifestation and perfectly representative example of artistic uniqueness through subject matter exploring the transformative process.”

Anyone with artistic aspirations will certainly find genuine inspiration while discovering Phillips’ musical projects come to life within his video productions.

Crywolf stays mostly within the chillstep scene, collaborating with such artists as Skrux, Aylen, and the Eden Project, but he’s also reworked hit songs, like the cover of Flume’s “Never Be Like You” below.

In 2017, Crywolf released the 7-track Skeletons EP. Each of the songs are distinct, but help build a bigger story told through the music. Crywolf consistently shows a vulnerability that is rarely heard in the farthest reaches of the current music industry. Check out the entire EP below.

If you want to hear more of Crywolf, you can catch him at Decadence AZ this month. Get your tickets and other info here.

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