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Ephwurd Shows Us the ‘Money’ on New Single

After their triumphant release of their last hit single with JVST Say Yes, Ephwurd (consisting of Datsik and Bais Haus) teamed up with legendary M.C. and rapper, Fatman Scoop, to deliver their brand new lick “Money.” With aggressive hip-hop elements and some classic vocalizations from the iconic Fatman Scoop, “Money” is sure to be a swift club-hit. Give it a listen below.

With the addition of Fatman Scoop, Ephwurd properly baptizes this song with a more chaotic tempo than “Phunky Beats” could keep up with. Flanging synths frequently interrupt the vocalizations from Scoop, while the heavy percussion guiding the track along a metronome speedway ensures a flashback to the New York club scene. “Money” is a combined work of controlled chaos and demands its listener’s full attention on the dancefloor when the first second airs. Ephwurd’s new single will be a welcome addition to their energetic live sets. Get the track here and check out the links below for everything Ephwurd.

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