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Kayzo Remixes DJ Snake’s ‘A Different Way’

Creator of the Dog House and powerhouse DJ, Kayzo is back with another insane remix. DJ Snake’s single “A Different Way” first came out in September of this year and swept his fans away with it’s laid-back and vibey beats and vocals. Kayzo turned this song into an insanely high energy and powerful track while still keeping the core elements of the song present. Check it out below!

Kayzo has a way of taking popular, complex songs and somehow turning them into energetic masterpieces that fans go crazy for. He brings his raw sound into the equation that gives every track he works on such monstrous energy. This flair he adds makes him quite unique compared to some of the other DJ’s and producers out in the industry. I look foward to see more from Kayzo as he has swept me off my feet and carried me through his music ever since I first saw him.

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