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Minnesota Drops Hard Hitting Single ‘Dark Crystal’

Christian Bauhofer, aka Minnesota, has built a name for himself with the uniquely beautiful, structured music he’s been making. His sound breaks away from the various subgenres of EDM, but holds onto origins of dubstep and hip-hop, with the aim of creating a truly authentic experience for his audience. He’s currently finishing off his sixth year of touring and with five innovative EP’s under his belt already, Minnesota is holding back none of his creative energy on his latest single, “Dark Crystal.” In aiming to create an authentic experience for listeners, Minnesota has succeeded. Check it out!



“Dark Crystal” has elements of hip-hop, dubstep, and even traces of traditional Indian music with a dubstep-infused drop. The main sample used throughout the track sounds like a synthesized sitar, and it’s hypnotic. The second drop goes in a whole different direction. Once the music breaks down, you hear the ghostly sounds of drum n’ bass drum patterns until the full onslaught kicks in. After a breathtaking build-up, the main melody returns, the bass gets chopped up differently, and the drums are furious. It’s a dope nod to EDM’s past. Twisting and turning through an ear-popping journey of sound design genius, the addition of clear, snappy drums and stuttered riffs make this a top-tier bass track.


With unique songs and memorable melodies, Minnesota is becoming a name to watch out for in electronic music. With headbangers like “Dark Crystal,” it won’t be surprising to see him gracing some of EDM’s biggest stages in 2018.

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