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Opposites Attract on Raiden & Tom Tyger’s ‘C’est La Vibe’

When two producers unite, the sparks can go in one of two directions, especially in a predominantly-house track, where things tend to be either entirely predictable or something concocted out of dead air and composed into an aria. In the case of Raiden and Tom Tyger‘s new single, “C’est La Vibe,” two polar styles come together to mold an eclectic house-masterpiece. When producers come together This interesting duo none-the-less will surprise listeners from the tail-end differences both producers have in their individual work, and their ability to come together.

Raiden & Tom Tyger – C’est La Vibe

“C’est La Vibe” carries all the punch of progressive house, with the classic tribal vibrations of old-school. With a throbbing sense of bass matched against a contemporary build-up and drop, Raiden’s chaotic progressive sound sits perfectly with Tom Tyger’s classic-yet-contemporary vibrations served in his solo work. With a sneaky bassline that imitates the emotions you get when listening to a James Bond theme, there is no question you might see this track played in the background of a new Michael Bay film.

Raiden and Tom Tyger’s new single can be downloaded here, free of charge.

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