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Relentless Beat of the Week: Mija – ‘Bad For U’

Lately, Mija has been riding her own wave, working day and night to tell her story through music. She’s always managed to maintain a reputation for putting a variety of music out there and has cultivated her focus in numerous areas. Most recently, her tune, “Bad For U,” makes a statement using a deep surge of emotion.

With vocals by Kelli Schaefer, the tune turned into a melodic masterpiece. These two talents work extremely well together, and they prove a powerful statement with “Bad For U.” Whether it’s the lyrics or the underlying elements, they both function together in a way beyond words.

On Saturday, March 10, Mija is making a stop in her home city on her Never B Alone Tour. Enjoy the view with us upstairs in the Scarlet Room for this one of a kind experience. Make sure to purchase your tickets and join the event page to accompany Mija on her musical journey.

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