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Rell the Soundbender Releases Spooky Banger ‘Diablo House’

Halloween is long gone but trap dynamo Rell the Soundbender is bending the sound back to the spooks with his new track “Diablo House.” We don’t have to guess what “Diablo” means, but his brand new track contains enough haunting synths and dark energies that will send more than chills down your spine. It’s sure to rattle your natural instinct of what truly makes a foreboding track.Released on Insomniac Records, “Diablo House” represents itself as a creepy track good for all-year-round listening.

The single comes right on the heels of Rell’s new Diablo EP, which will feature more original tracks and sounds from the soundbender himself, also published through Insomniac Records.

“Diablo House was a concept I had written a few months ago, and the sound just kind of had that creepy Halloween feel – which also happens to be my favorite time of the year,” says Rell the Soundbender of the new track. “I played it for Richard one day in the car and the rest is history. We started to recraft it and brought it home. It’s a fun tune for the Halloween season. I hope you guys dig it!”

Rell the Soundbender represents his musical passion through the unexpected turns his track takes. Rell frequently mashes his own music experiences up with sounds which normally wouldn’t mix together if produced by another artist. Grab “Diablo House” here, and keep your eyes out for the new Diablo EP as well.

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