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Full Crate & The Partysquad Get ‘Hot’ with Nick & Navi

Full Crate and the dynamic duo, The Partysquad, return to the scene with Nick & Navi to deliver the enigmatic fiesta-anthem, “Hot.” With its sassy vocal, delivered by Jamaican duo, Nick & Navi, Full Crate and The Party Squad navigate a simple drumbeat and addictive riff with grace and poise. With the ability to find solace on the mainstream radio, “Hot” rivals the likes of Rihanna in order to deliver its reggae message. With a heavy dab of instrumental riddim, the feel-good jam has a good shot of becoming the next big earworm in time for New Years, 2017.

“Hot” is proof of the cultural and musical evolution in the electronic music scene. While riddim elements certainly aren’t foreign to the many sub-genres under it, the slew of artists behind this track clearly intended it to be a simple composition made complicated by its diverse stylings. When multiple artists come together to make a track like  “Hot,” it can always suffer from the syndrome of having “too many cooks in the kitchen;” luckily for “Hot,” no one seems to get in anyone’s way as this banger slates itself to invade your ears and airwaves in the coming weeks. Grab the track here.

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