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Mija Releases Bewitching Cover of Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises’

Following the release of her recent soulful single, “Bad for U,” featuring vocals by Kelli Schaefer, Phoenix-born DJ Mija is at it again with her bewitching rendition of Radiohead’s “No Surprises.” The cover is simplistic, featuring Mija’s vocals atop a sweet piano melody with violin playing softly in the background. It’s refreshing to hear Mija’s own vocals on this track, demonstrating her versatile talent as an artist.


The producer recently announced her upcoming debut EP, How to Measure the Distance Between Lovers, which we could not be more excited for. Mija has never been one to find one sound and stick with it. Instead, the Phoenix-born DJ has kept us guessing by playing around with different sub-genres, including drum’n’bass, future bass, dubstep, and more. This variety makes everything Mija produces a pleasant surprise, keeping us hungry for more.

“No Surprises” is one of Radiohead’s more well-known songs, but Mija breathes new life into it, making it dark, mysterious, and mesmerizing.

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