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Mija Delivers Intense New EP ‘Just Enough’

Arizona-born DJ/producer Mija has repeatedly proven herself an innovator within the genre of electronic dance music. With each new production she puts out, we see her evolve into something deeper and more complex. Her latest release, the two-track Just Enough EP, is a perfect example, with each track bringing something unique and creative to the table. Check out the EP below.

The artist gets dark and mysterious with “I Hope to Cure Myself of You,” featuring spoken word samples set atop a slinky baseline. “Dead Flowers and Cigarettes” opens with the foreboding whisper, “you’re the saddest girl I know” and leads into a jazzy, dark house melody with more spoken word samples and an overall 1920’s noir vibe.

Mija said about the EP, “I wanted to create something that felt raw,” she explains. “something that wasn’t over-exaggerated, over-produced, or trying too hard…..but just enough.” She achieved just that, and Just Enough further solidifies Mija’s reputation as an innovator in the industry with consistent reinvention of what we consider genre.

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