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Mija Drops Surreal, Noir Video for ‘Dead Flowers & Cigarettes’

No one has an artistic project quite as diverse as that of Phoenix native, Amber Giles—better known simply as Mija. Other than being a world-famous DJ signed to Skrillex’s OWLSA label, Mija has a hand in every sort of creative project you could imagine.

In the past few years, she started Made By Mija, her own debut clothing line. She brought a hoard of diverse DJs around the world on her 2017 FK A Genre Tour. Plus, she recently put out her first album as singer/songwriter with her 2018, HOW TO MEASURE THE DISTANCE BETWEEN LOVERS.

Mija’s latest release—a music video for “Dead Flowers & Cigarettes”—adds a visual dimension to her signature musical versatility. The track comes off her recent two-track experimental techno EP, Just Enough. “Dead Flowers & Cigarettes” is a dramatic piece, built upon a roving, four-on-the-floor beat and populated with haunting vocals performed by Mija herself.


Dead Flowers & Cigarettes [Music Video]

Directed by her longtime photographer, Ryan Farber, this video stages the drama of the track at dark speak-easy. Mija hypnotically performs the lines “You’re the saddest girl I know” as a male lead becomes dangerously entranced with her. As the narrative develops, Farber’s daring visual work elevates Mija’s storytelling abilities to a whole new level; enjoy it below.

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