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Sunday Funday: LOUDPVCK’s Cinematic Track ‘Jumanji’

Last month Kenny Beats of LOUDPVCK released a blockbuster of a track titled, “Jumanji.” With this song being his first release since the once duo announced their split, this track is noteworthy for more reasons than one. Kenny is keeping true to LOUDPVCK’s hard-trap roots with “Jumanji,” something I think we are all relieved to see and hear.

Here at RB, we rated “Jumanji” ‘R’ for it’s ruthless bass, quick tempoed kicks, and explicit lyrics delivered by Reese La Flare.  Beats brings it with the hip-hop vibes and the high-frequency screeches that will knock you straight on your ass. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film 77% but we have the track 100%. For your Sunday Funday save some money and lose your mind. Movies are expensive, spend your money on something better, like seeing LOUDPVCK play this song live. Beats is taking over The Monarch on January 20th, grab your tickets here.

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